Where are you from?


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I am a purple 3 headed 9 tailed squirrel from the planet Mars, We have sent ambassadors to your planet to abduct, eat whole, people that we find interesting, or weird. The people we abduct are then brought back to my death fortress for a life time of torture so we know what exactly to do to your race when we finally decide to invade. oh hoho. please don't attempt to resist cause resisting and killing one of us means 10 more will spawn to continue that ones work. Your species end is nigh, unless your entire species begins building statues in my honor in all of your planets major cities and have 100%, unquestionable loyalty to us.


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FunjiGaming said:
Eheh... I'm from Belgium.
Don't know what Belgium is? I'll clear up your minds.
Still don't know it?
What about now?
Now if you don't know the Belgian beer, then you haven't tasted one yet.
We basicly have everything you want here, except for unlimited damn up- and download- speed.
I'll give an example, like, we got this small statue in Brussels of a 5 year old boy urinating on the ground.
Fascinating, isn't it? Not to forget, there's a story behind.
The story louds like, there was a civil war and the boy's home was about to get destroyed cause of a bomb, which he peed out.
I know what you are thinking now,.. "Stupid Belgians"
Nah, not really, we also have a huge statue of 100 meters (+/- 328 feet) high, with 9 huge steel balls next to eachother.
Belgium, oh Belgium.
Aangenaam! Hoe gaat het met jou? Ik spreek een klein beetje Nederlands :) ik in België voor zes maanden gewoond. (My grammar is pants I will obviously keep posts etc in English but just thought it would be nice to say hi in your native language)

Anyway, myself and Dire are both from the UK. I'm 27, currently unemployed living in Scotland (not Scottish however) and he's just finished college having completed a music course, does audio engineering, composing, mixing and mastering of tracks. We both like to play games, I like to draw and he likes to do music stuff including playing.

We decided to do YouTube together because we found that as well as irl we also have great chemistry playing games together, although can be somewhat competitive :p We both enjoy watching Markiplier, Yogscast and a few others such as Nerdcubed.

Pleasure to meet you all!

- Geeks


I'm English born and living in Ireland. Lived in London for 13yrs before moving over here. I will kill to go back home though, I am far too homesick


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This is such a good topic! :)

I'm Becky, I'm 16 years old and I'm from England! :) I started youtube because I was always watching youtube videos by people such as Kevin, Ali-A, Syndicate and Jenna Marbles. I always wondered what it would be like to post a video to youtube. So I got myself a HD PVR 2 and started recording some gameplays. When I uploaded my video I felt really happy about it and got giddy :mellow: But I've properly done alone since the 5th of July. My aim of my youtube channel is to make people laugh as I wouldn't consider myself as a good Call of Duty player, I mainly play games for the fun of it, seen as though I aren't going into championships like a lot of amazing players (GG to them guys)


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Hey everyone. I'm 23 years old and I'm from Norway. Currently living in Bergen while studying photography :)


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I'm from Manchester, UK and I'm 16 about to start college. I began making youtube videos recently and this was because I often play games with my friends and we usually have fun so why not let others see this :D


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