PC Smash 4 for PC without having a Wiiu! with Online Play! Using Cemu (Need a player to play against)


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Hey guys! My name's Spuntillian, and i'm a Smash youtuber looking for people to play with for a Smash video! So, i know a lot of people who want to play Smash 4 for Wiiu but actually can't because Nintendo barely sell Wiiu's anymore. But i found a solution for that problem :). You can actually play Smash 4 on a specific emulator on your pc using something called Cemu, and it almost works perfectly like you would play with a normal Wiiu! However what sucks is that you can't go online with that emulator, but lo o' behold, there's a solution for that as well xD. And its a program called Parsec. And what it does, is that you can play whatever games you want to play with anyone no matter where they are in the world basically, of course you can expect some lag issues if people dont have the most stable internet or if we're far away from eachother, but thats to be expected.

So surprise surprise of course there has to be some requirements:

- Have a decent mic or better (i dont mind better ;p)
- Live prefferably in Europe, but if you dont live in Europe, then we might maybe be able to work something out however thats not 100% sure.
- Have a decent internet or prefferably a strong and stable internet (as i dont have the best internet connection right now xD)

Thanks for reading and hope you're interested and ready for some spicy Smash matches ;P

Game: Super Smash Bros Wiiu (Cemu Emulator)
Number of People: 1
Timezone: CET +1 (Central European Time) <- This is not so important tho
Age: 16+ (But dont really care honestly :p)
Mission: Litterally have a LIT time in Smash 4
Subscribers: I have 22, but you can have anything else :) (prefferably 50 or more if i have to be honest)
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC45XHbRHYMErcKuGGsUc4pw?