PC Looking for people to join our team!

Hey there everyone, we’re Gilded Phoenix Studios, A YouTube channel that’s coming back from a hiatus! But we’re coming back stronger. I’m Orb, one of the founders of GPS and I am a film student in college. We have created a production company called “WinMore Productions” and it will be a multi-media production company. Gilded Phoenix Studios is a subsidiary of WinMore Productions, and will be based around gaming. We are currently looking for motivated, passionate people to join our team! If you think you have what it takes then please fill out this application, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

1. Name:
2. Timezone:
3. Discord:
4. Age (17+):
5. YouTube/Twitch (if you have one):
6. Type of games you play:
7. Why do you want to make videos?
8. Were you previously in another group? If so, please state which group and why you no longer are.

Thank you so much! We hope to hear from, and hopefully work with, some of you amazing people!