Im New restarted my Channel


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Hey guys im new around here and my name is mike also known as mikeyicon. Im 22 I have a son whose 6. And I make gaming videos on youtube. I had to reset my channel so I can get partnered and I was hoping you guys could check me out if your interested just hit me up in the replys and ill message u I dont wanna spam my youtube name in here cuz I know this is just a introduction feed but my channel is in my signature. Thanks hope to here from some of you guys/girls! :)


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Welcome dude! We don't mind if you spam links in your introduction post too much :p I'm pretty sure most of us did!
I wish you luck with your new channel!


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Hello :)


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Hey Mike, welcome to the community! If you could have a child at 16 and do alright for yourself and your family, I'm sure you can figure out the YouTube game and do well also ;)


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