I literally just need you to exist in my video ....


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:party:YES:party:!!! I got your attention ! (hopefully) So all I need are people who have xbox and are willing to play Rainbow Six Siege with me, that's it.
I'm starting a series called party chats in rainbow six siege. Basically I'll invite you, and we just goof aroundin casuals ya know :D

If you want more info just message me on here or xbox
My GamerTag ( Pophead46 )

Here's a video if you wanna see what it looks like:rofl: ...



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Well, I don't have Rainbow Six, unfortunately. I know someone who had it, it's name in Youtube was YdronKiller. But I do have XBOX ONE. Here is a list of games I have:

* COD: Advanced Warfare
* Watchdogs 1
* Halo: Reach
* COD: Warzone
* Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (AKA PUBG)
* Forza Horizon 3
* Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
* Deadpool (this one is 1P only, but I wanted to mention it anyway xD)
* Final Fantasy XV

...and I am not even mentioning all the games I have for XBOX 360...


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