PC Game Series Anyone?


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I'm new to the YouTube gaming community, and I'm looking for some like-minded individuals who would like to partake in a hopefully long lasting game series.

This series will be more like role playing where we would be voice acting in a sense.
When our characters get hurt, we say "Ow!", and when we die, we can't hear each other until we are closer together, etc,.

Quick witted, smart-ass, and generally funny people are not only welcomed... but will be accepted into this series.

Reply to this message, or message me privately on twitter or Facebook to inquire. I'm willing to work with anyone who meets the above requirements and want to be a part of the series. I'm also open to game and plot suggestions. Just send me a quick "hello," and we'll go from there :)


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Hey, I'm interested. My content revolves around Fortnite funny moments. Check out my channel and let me know if I fit the part. :)