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I don't really have the energy to be long winded today unfortunately, so I will try to keep this short. I want to bring together a group of people to make content and play video games with. Only thing is you gotta have a PS4, or a PC (I dont have an xbox unfortunately). Being a content creator is hard, and it really isn't going to get any easier. If you ask me, I think its important to have a couple friends to push you to keep going. I've quit probably about four times so far, just from being discouraged with my progress. This year I rather keep going and not quit at any point. So if you wanna be part of the group, drop your PSN or your discord tag. You can message it privately or just leave it on this thread. Size of your channel doesn't matter. Only thing that matters is if you love video games.


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id be interested in doing maybe some online horror game mash ups if anyones interest like resident evil or something you guys may know that i dont i many like horror game mash up not big into cod or gta but im an avid video gamer lover those types just arent my cup pf tea hit me up sometime and ill let you know

discord is gamingshadow22
psn tag GamingShadow22
youtube channel is https://youtube.com/channel/UCiy9_WtAbVQs80tMfMTRHjw


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