PC A PUBG Collab! :D (2-3 people)


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Hello! I wanted to play a fun session of PUBG :D, but it seems boring to play it alone, so it would be great if anyone wants to record and have a fun PUBG session with me! :D


- descent internet connection
- descent mic (as long as i can hear you and understand you then its fine ;P)
- Personality, rather not be too shy as it might be too awkward, buuut i'm pretty good at talking and doing small talks so i dont think you need to worry ;P. Its a pluss if you have an energetic/fun personality, and extra pluss if you enjoy memes ;).
- Game: PUBG
- Platform: PC
- Number of People: 2-3
- Timezone: any (we'll work it somehow ;P)
- Age: 17-20
- Mission: Having fun and help each other grow our channels :)
- Subscribers: any, but its a pluss if you got between 50-100 or more ;P

Just respond here and we can work something out! :D

Link to Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UC45XHbRHYMErcKuGGsUc4pw?view_as=subscriber