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  1. xIndica-_-xHigh

    [Feedback] xIndica-_-xHigh

    Title of Thread: Feedback xIndica-_-xHigh Channel Name: xIndica-_-xHigh Channel Link: Channel Start Date: July, 6th 2018 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 50+ an more to come Total Subscribers: 102 Amount of Total...
  2. xIndica-_-xHigh

    [PS4] Division 2 Beta #1 | Going rogue & killing rogues |

    Welcome to the first video created by me. I was going rogue and killing rogues in this video. hope you enjoy some great PvP action an By the way Im only always looking for feedback for my channel and always looking for new ideas as well an maybe potential collab partners so feel free to get in...
  3. xIndica-_-xHigh

    [PS4] Call of Duty Black Ops 3 | Montage #1. |

    Hello Im just here posting my first Black Ops 4 Killcam Montage if you guys missed it. feel free to leave feedback here Or even hop into my channel and leave a like on the video an possibly subscribe. I try my best to bring good content to my viewers.
  4. xIndica-_-xHigh

    [PS4] Division 2 Private Beta #2 [PvP Gameplay]

    Hello guys, Im here posting my PvP video for The Division 2. Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section. I honestly love that feedback. An even subscribe would love to have you on my channel. I would like the feedback in the comment section as well. If you decide to...
  5. xIndica-_-xHigh

    Good Tips and Sites to Grow my channel?

    Hey fellow youtubers whats some good sites or promotional sites that i can gain more of a following on and get my name out there.
  6. xIndica-_-xHigh

    [PS4] Division 2 PvP Players

    Hello. Im looking for some dedicated PvP players for the Division 2 Beta that are max level cap and have a solid Blue/Purple Build. If you meet my requirements than comment ur PSN or add me at xIndica-_-xHigh
  7. xIndica-_-xHigh

    PS4 Division 2 Beta Collab

    Currently Looking for users to collab with and make PvP Darkzone videos. If your interested beta ends on the 11th of Feb. Hopefully i can get some new subs from the person i collab with and they get some from mine.
  8. xIndica-_-xHigh

    xIndica-_-xHigh Introduction

    Hello everyone! My name is Owen AKA xIndica-_-xHigh I found this forum a long time ago from a website search. but apparently, I kinda stopped using it cuz i felt i wouldnt be able to post my video cuz i have to make 5 posts. I heard someone removed that restriction but its still there. But i...