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  1. Adorkable

    Adorkable - A gaming channel by a couple of nerds

    Hello everyone! My name is Masao, and together with my girlfriend, Wiki. We have created Adorkable, a channel where we play games, invite friends to play with us, and just be a couple of nerds. We just started and we are still small, but we would love some feedback or to collab! Let me know what...
  2. Adorkable

    PC A fresh new channel who is looking to Collab

    Hey there everyone! I am known as Masao. I used to have a channel called the Derp Cage, but i started anew with my girlfriend, and now have a channel called Adorkable. Most of the content right now is Final Fantasy 14 related, but i wanted to branch out to other stuff as well. Intrested? Please...
  3. Adorkable

    Shenanigames is now live~

    Channel Name: Shenanigames Channel Link: Channel Description: A channel hosted by two people. BigMickGaming and DrprofJuni Channel Start Date: 8 November 2017 (Channel is around longer, but its since then that we started to do this together) Partnered with Network?(If any): No Type of Content...
  4. Adorkable

    """Daily""" Upload for Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

    I haz returned from the vacation! And what type do most people use when they go on vacation...? Do you know the answer? Its Airplanes! So what better way to close off the vacation then to play a game with a Airplane. Its a long episode so, grab some grub and some drinks and enjoy the episode:D...
  5. Adorkable

    Daily Upload for Monday, August 8th, 2016

    The Derp Cage is back from the dead! A brand new episode! Check it out :D
  6. Adorkable

    A new Derp Cage Tournament!

    There is gonna be a new tournament. And this time, you decide what game its gonna be! Last time we had a Brawlhalla tournament that was amazing! And this time, we even want to make it better. Interested? Cast your vote, and see what game is gonna be featured in the next tournament...
  7. Adorkable

    Daily Upload for Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

    Overwatch with Genji. No commentary. Heavy editing. Hope you like it, since its the first time i made a video like this. :D
  8. Adorkable

    PC Santificos Sanctuary looking for 18+ collab. Let's shoot the shit and record.

    Hey. I am BigMickGaming from the Derp Cage, and i would love to collab with you!
  9. Adorkable

    Daily Upload for Sunday, March 27th, 2016

    Happy Easter Everybody!
  10. Adorkable

    PC 200 Sub Brawlhalla Tournament!

    We have a teamspeak channel that we use, but i have skype. Its o0crono0o
  11. Adorkable

    Daily Upload for Friday, March 18th, 2016

    A new series. Derp off! One episode, Cause-if-i-make-more-episodes-of-this-i-kill-myself kind of episodes. Starting off with: Plantera. What a game this is squint-emoticon
  12. Adorkable

    PC 200 Sub Brawlhalla Tournament!

    If people still want to sign up for the Brawlhalla tournament, here is a link you can use to sign up:
  13. Adorkable

    PC 200 Sub Brawlhalla Tournament!

    I will make a update post in here soon about the time, the rules and how its gonna go down :D
  14. Adorkable

    PC 200 Sub Brawlhalla Tournament!

    I will put you on the list little buddy