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  1. ChipsAndFish

    PC PC/PS4. Looking to collab, i’m back after 3 years!

    Game: Any game Platform: Looking to play mostly PC but I will be able to play PS4 too :) Number of People: Looking for 4-6 Timezone: I’m in the UK but we can sort any other timezone :p Age: Well i’m 21, so any age around there! But any age really above 16 Mission: Grow together and become a...
  2. ChipsAndFish

    PC/PS4. Looking to join a group and make new friends :)

    Hi guys and girls! I’m a 21 year old from England and I make gaming videos as a hobby! I stopped 3 years ago but now i’m making a return because I missed making videos so much. This time though I want to join a group and make some friends, that i’ll be able to share tips with and more...
  3. ChipsAndFish

    Starting a new channel after Christmas! Need to decide on a name! Any advice?

    I currently have a channel called ChipsAndFish (changed from ImAMolerat, wanted something I didn't make when I was 13) :P Having learnt a lot from YouTube, and having a rocky start with the channel, I'm ready to start a fresh with what I now know :D I play on PC at the moment, but I am getting...