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  1. Vinny_DA

    COD BO4 Hardcore Free For All. AR, LMG and SMG

    Hey I'm Vinny welcome to my hardcore free for all multiplayer. If you love hardcore multiplayer on BO4 let me know. It would be great to collab. Hope you enjoy :)
  2. Vinny_DA

    Black Ops 4 Free For All

  3. Vinny_DA

    Twitch Streaming Black Ops 4 multiplayer. Come join
  4. Vinny_DA

    Black Ops 4 Hardcore Free For All Multiplayer Gameplay. 30/10 K/D

    Check out my vid on hardcore free for all below. Hope you enjoy :)
  5. Vinny_DA

    PS4 Black Ops 4 Hardcore Multiplayer gamers

    Hey anyone primarily play hardcore muliplayer on Black Ops 4. Let me know, we can link up
  6. Vinny_DA

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Hardcore TDM

    Got 34 Kills in this Hardcore match. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to like, comment. Most appreciated.
  7. Vinny_DA

    Call of Duty Hardcore TDM @Redwood

    Feedback would be appreciated. I like playing hardcore tdm.
  8. Vinny_DA

    PS4 DOOM Multiplayer gamers collab

    Hi, looking to collab with fellow PS4 DOOM multiplayer gamers who are reasonably good. Don't worry you don't have to be excellent but as long as you have get reasonable K/D ratings after the match concludes. In terms of contents I would like to do dual commentary with elements of comedy and just...
  9. Vinny_DA

    SLITHER.IO gameplay top 3 20000+ score

    Hope yu enjoy my gameplay which starts off really well and then as with every game, the unfortunate stuff happens.
  10. Vinny_DA

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer review and discussion

    Done a COD:IW trailer discussion, hope you enioy :)
  11. Vinny_DA

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer review and discussion

    Made a video on the COD IW trailer, providing my discussion, hope you enjoy it.
  12. Vinny_DA

    Outlast 2. PAX EAST 2016 palyable demo. What we have so far...

    Hey guys, I just wrote an article (link below) outlining the features, content and things that we can expect to see in Outlast 2 on the basis of the playable demo. Off course it is just my speculation but none the less I thought it would be interesting to place it in.
  13. Vinny_DA

    How do you edit YouTube channel description with the new layout. I can't edit

    I wanted to know how to change YouTube channel descriptions, as I want to make changes and don't know how to because the "About" tab no longer exists on the new layout.
  14. Vinny_DA

    Twitch walking dead season 2
  15. Vinny_DA

    Twitch More Walking dead season 2 livestream
  16. Vinny_DA

    Twitch Walking dead season 2 stream