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  1. ActualizeGaming

    Channel Avatar Request? (Free)

    Hiya! I was just going to see if someone could create a simple channel avatar for me that just says SOY. My channel has been on the rise and i'm kind of embarrassed about the logo I currently have. Any help would be much appreciated! If the attached file could be incorporated, that would be...
  2. ActualizeGaming

    Desiigner Play's Unfair Mario Episode 1? Desiigner Panda FREESTYLE? Ultimate FAIL!

    Let's play Unfair Mario! I had a lot of anger in this video guys xD.
  3. ActualizeGaming

    Need help with branding for new start on my channel.

    Hey! So basically I am needing help rebranding my YouTube gaming channel at the moment. I started my gaming channel as ActualizeGaming and now I am changing my name, so I basically just need help creating a new banner and channel avatar :). I only need help creating a very simple avatar and...
  4. ActualizeGaming

    COD Black Ops 3 Skit.

    What's up guys. I created a bit of a comedic Call of Duty Black Ops 3 video that basically displays how easy it is to blame a bad K/D on something like target assist off, or a gun nerf or buff. Anyway here's the vid! Thanks for viewing!
  5. ActualizeGaming

    I Need a Good Series Idea :)

    Hello! I need some help coming up with an interesting series to do on my channel. I usually create 15-20 minute long Let's Play videos of different games but I really want to switch it up on my channel and start creating 2-5 minute videos that are game tutorials, game comedy, etc. That being...
  6. ActualizeGaming

    Call of Duty Black Ops III Series Idea?

    Hi there ^_^! I am currently trying to kick off my YouTube channel, and I have been uploading a lot. I am trying to figure out a series of Black Ops 3 videos I could put out? Would someone be able to help me come up with some sort of series idea that people would enjoy? Not something that...
  7. ActualizeGaming

    Cat Mario Rage! Headset Damage?

    Want to see some serious rage? Check out this Cat Mario Let's Play!
  8. ActualizeGaming

    Copyright issues.

    Hello! I am not sure if this is the correct section for this topic, but I am having some issues with copyright claims on my videos. I just recently started recording gameplay of the Wii U game "New Super Mario Bros. U" and I have gotten claims from Nintendo on each and every upload of this let's...
  9. ActualizeGaming

    Ways to Create an Intro?

    Hello! I have a simple question for anyone that has had a similar issue. I recently upped the quality of my YouTube videos, but there is one thing keeping me from uploading these new videos, and it is my intro. I currently have a very simple intro that I animated from scratch in blender, but I...
  10. ActualizeGaming

    Simple 2D Intro for YouTube Gaming Channel.

    Hi there! I was just wondering if there is anyone on here that would be willing to help me create a simple 2D intro for my YT channel. I just recently started working on higher quality videos so I figured I needed a higher quality intro to match it. I am really only searching for an intro where...
  11. ActualizeGaming

    HD or HD60?

    Hello! I am currently debating between buying the Elgato HD, and Elgato HD60. I do understand that the HD60 records in 60fps but am I wrong that it lacks support for recording older consoles? My main question here is if I wanted to record older game consoles "AV", and newer consoles as well as...
  12. ActualizeGaming

    Help Creating a Simple Banner?

    Would anyone be willing to help me create a banner? I have created some of my own but I feel like they just aren't as good as they should be. I am really only looking for a simple banner saying "ActualizeGaming" in graphical text and something like "Subscribe" in text also :D. If it's too much...
  13. ActualizeGaming

    Banner for my Channel :D?

    Hello! I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that would be willing to help me create a banner for my channel? All I really need is a simple banner saying "ActualizeGaming" "Subscribe" on it or something of that sort. I currently have a banner that I create but I feel that there...
  14. ActualizeGaming

    Team Layout for Pokemon Walkthrough?

    Hi there! I am currently recording a series of Pokemon let's plays, and I am trying to create a sort of layout that lists my Pokemon and says something simple like "Follow me on Twitter", or "Subscribe!". I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out and give me any suggestions on how I...
  15. ActualizeGaming


    Channel Name: ActualizeGaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: January 20th 2013 Partnered with Network?: Searching for one. Amount of Videos on Channel: 15 Total Subscribers: 39 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 1,478 Channel Description:What's up...
  16. ActualizeGaming


    Hello. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my current channel banner and give me suggestions for any improvements I can make. If you see anything you think can be improved, please just let me know.
  17. ActualizeGaming

    Pokemon Showdown ORAS Battles Episode 8! "Magikarp Sweep FAIL!"

    Hello viewers! It's ActualizeGaming here and this is the eighth episode in my series of Pokemon Showdown battles. In this episode I try to sweep my opponents team with Magikarp, but it did not turn out as planned. I do not want to spoil the outcome of the rest of the battle, but let's just say...
  18. ActualizeGaming

    Ideal Microphone for Clear Commentary?

    Hello! I am currently curious about how I can make the quality of my commentary significantly better. I am currently using a microphone that doesn't necessarily sound bad, but I would like my commentary to have the most clarity I can get. I have heard suggestions of microphones such as the Blue...
  19. ActualizeGaming

    Pokemon Showdown ORAS Battles Episode 7 “1 HP?"

    Hello everybody! This is the newest video in my series of Pokemon Showdown ORAS Battles! This was a pretty interesting battle with some unexpected turns. More battles coming soon! Thanks for watching! ~ActualizeGaming
  20. ActualizeGaming

    Pokemon Showdown ORAS Battles Episode 2 “Vileplume or Azumarill?”

    Pokemon Showdown ORAS Battles Episode 2 “Vileplume or Azumarill?” What's up viewers! It's ActualizeGaming here, and I am back with episode 2 of Pokemon Showdown ORAS Battles! In this battle I used the same team as last episode, but in episode 3 I will be using a different team, which will most...