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  1. Xerachii

    I'm chasing a image of myself

  2. Xerachii

    Learning to make do with what is given

  3. Xerachii

    I have a new intro now

  4. Xerachii

    Reading random comments for a series

  5. Xerachii

    Acapella rapping outside

  6. Xerachii

    Remember when you couldn't make videos

  7. Xerachii

    Expressing myself on the daily daily

  8. Xerachii

    Incorporating life stories into the mix

  9. Xerachii

    Aloud to be free forever

  10. Xerachii

    Increase sex appeal to have a better life

  11. Xerachii

    1 and the other

  12. Xerachii

    Loving all that the universe contains

  13. Xerachii

    Tristian been doing youtube daily

  14. Xerachii

    Dreams from 2 different upbringings