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  • comment: If your content is amazing, people will subscribe because they want to see it.

    reply:i dont know if my content is amazing because nobody has ever left a comment on any of my videos saying so, or if not why its not.
    comment: It doesn't seem to me like you're trying very hard. I tried to find your content through this website, but you have no link in a signature, no profile comment linking back to you, or a twitter.

    answer: this is the first time ive attempted this. i cant post links since one of the restrictions on this website wont let me. theres so many restrictions it wont even let me reply to your comment on my thread.
    Question: What community are you talking about?
    answer: the gaming community in the most general broad sense of the phrase.

    Question: Where have you been networking, if it hasn't been on a forum with over 13,000 members?

    answer: putting my channel out there and talking to some people, i thought that was networking.
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