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    Processing time

    Have you tried uploading in a different quality to see if it is quicker? Just to test it?
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    What makes you subscribe to a channel or click on a video?

    Its like a subscription to netflix/hulu. As long as there's content that interests you, it keeps you entertained. But if the content isn't stuff that you like, then you unsubscribe and find another source for the entrainment you enjoy to watch.
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    Dogecoin hit $0.44, how much do you have?

    Well it hit $0.60 today! I missed out on it because I sold thinking it would dip first. Big oof!
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    What makes you subscribe to a channel or click on a video?

    I will watch videos of people I'm already subscribed to. After videos I see similar or content that would probably interest me advertised, I sometimes click on those. I see people here and in the Damnlag discord that interest me, I sub to them. I may search for something I need help with or...
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    Weird thing

    Some how you're managing to attract 10 people each day. You would probably have better understanding of where these people are coming from or what's attracting them through your YouTube Analytics. Feel free to share your findings here @Foorson
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    Processing time

    Sorry I did not see your post sooner. Did you figure out the problem with your processing @Foorson ?
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    Can uploading more often actually give you less views?

    It all varies on the content you're uploading honestly. You could upload every 5 minutes a new video, as long as the video has quality content that will be of use in the search feature of YouTube, it can be seen just as easily as a single video you post. If its unique content that is like a new...
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    You should be able to find a Elgato Capture Card used fairly cheap. Its great for recording content. Make sure you look for a 4k Elgato if you're looking for 4k quality, if not then there's probably tons of regular Elgato Game Capture cards on the market.
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    Dogecoin hit $0.44, how much do you have?

    How much Dogecoin do you have and whats your purchase price? I took some profits at $0.38 and was thinking it was going to come back below $0.30, but I was wrong. Now I'm watching everyone rake in the money without me. lol I think it will probably go higher with Elon Musk on SNL this weekend.
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    Question about rendering, quality etc

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you render/export in 4k to keep the same quality that you recorded in? Unless you don't want the 4k quality? If you want 4k quality, you'd have to do everything in 4k to keep that quality.
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    Anyone knows any platform for smaller YouTubers?

    The goal of Damnlag was to create just that! A platform for creators, not just on YouTube, but all platforms; Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, YouTube, etc. To be able to share, promote their content. Find others to collaborate with and just game with. To share and discuss strategies and tips on how to...
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    Fortnite players?

    I'm more of a PUBG/Call of Duty player. I tried Fortnite because it was free to play, but the building part of the game is what ruined it for me. Its cool and lots of people play it. I'm just more of a old school shooter player I guess. Plus I always got slaughtered once people started to build...
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    Hello @MerrelllBeavers, welcome to the community! When you say "professional gamer," what does that mean? Like you're part of a professional team that competes in tournaments? lol
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    Bitcoin/Dogecoin, are you invested?

    Are you invested in crypto such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any of the other cryptos? I have been in and out of them numerous times and at this point wish I should have stayed in them. I'm just curious if anyone else here is playing with stocks and crypto's like I have been. I have a small...