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  • I don't expect much in return, You sponsor my clan and I'll help your website getting more known. If you want to give me something in return that is your choice.. I'm not asking for anything in return.
    Hey viper I want to promote your site more but if so i need you guys to sponsor us this is what i offer
    1:Every time We live stream we will Talk about our sponsors before every video and we will put you site link in the description
    2:When we play GB or Fraggednation, when other teams click on our team you site link and name will be in the sponsors spot.
    3: When a new member joins my clan i will tell them about our sponsor to get them interested more.
    4:we will have your Website link on the call of duty elite Message of the day forever so whom ever see it will more then likely search you up.

    This is what i offer, Message me back or email me at dawsonhettrick@hotmail.ca
    Thank you for your time.
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