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    Bounce Gaming HYPE HYPE HYPE

    Hello Everyone, Great news! I found the Video Forum where I can shamelessly plug my tiny humble Youtube channel. Even better news? I will 100% shamelessly plug myself and Youtube channel right here, right now. This is your typical gaming channel with commentary (So you know... Nothing...
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    PC I get along with others

    Good day fellow content creators. My name is Bounce. With an uber impressive 4 videos and 5 subs, most of which are my family who I held at knife point. I feel that I am now an accomplished Youtuber with nothing else to gain. So I will whore myself out to other fellow content creators via...
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    How do you get fast subscribers?

    I'd say the numbers above are very good! In my opinion, views and interaction is wayyyy more important than just subs. For all you know, those Youtube channels with no content but thousands of subs is probably a channel who bought subs.
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    Question about new channel

    Keep the same channel, I think with Youtube's algorithm it may take a while to get the ball rolling again. But at least in an existing channel you already have SOME work done already.
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    Introductions are awkward

    Many thanks for the kind welcomes!
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    Introductions are awkward

    Good day DamnLag citizens! My name is Bounce and I run a brand spanking new gaming channel on Youtube, Currently running through Doom Eternal. Looking forward towards being an active member here, hope to get lots of good advice and conversations going :) Cheers!