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    100 Subs in 2 Months !

    After 2 long and busy months I've achieved my goal of hitting 100 subscirbers, It's so amazing being able to post a video and knowing that you'll be able to receive some feedback and likes. Need to say a huge thankyou to the YouTubeGaming community for all the help and support, I've met so many...
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    The quest for 5 more subscribers

    Hello everybody, thanks heaps for checking out the thread :) My goal for May was to hit 80 subscribers and I'm currently sitting at 75, so close ! If you could spare a few minutes to check out my channel and some of my vids that would be awesome. Leave a comment below once you've done so and...
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    Daily Upload for Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

    Decided to start a new mini series! Welcome to Dungeon Nightmares, A maze horror game that is set to scare the excrement out of us. After only the first night I'm sure this will be an experience to remember. Get ready for daily uploads of this, I'm gonna flop the episodes out non stop...
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    Chubby Bunny Celebration - 50 sub milestone

    Hey friends, Made a funny video / challenge today to celebrate hitting the 50 subscriber milestone. This is such a huge, early step for me with Youtube and I feel so fortunate to have reached it in 6 weeks. Thanks to every single one of you who watch and enjoy my content daily, your happiness...
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    Daily Upload for Friday, May 9th, 2014

    Hey friends, In this episode we finally bring chapter 3 to a close, and embark on the horror'y goodness that is chapter 4. We say goodbye to Sophie, meet some frustrating new foes and make some progression in the story line as always.
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    Road to 50 subs, nearly there !

    What's going on everybody, only a month into this whole Youtube thing and i can't believe I'm nearly at 50 subscribers. Gotta say a big thankyou to this forum for that, you guys have been nothing but supportive so far I'm only 6 subscribers away from the milestone and it's my May goal to hit...
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    The MAY VLOG - Achievement's & Goal's

    Hello friends, You could probably tell but this is my VLOG for May. Just made it as a way to keep everyone updated with what i'm up to and as a way to show my gratitude for the terrific support i've received during the first month in the youtube community. This forum has been so good to me, I...
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    Awesome RPG Horror - Error #53 Today i'm playing Error #53, an RPG that was supposedly in development when something went terribly wrong. This left the game full of bugs and glitches and it was deemed cursed. Join me as i get down to the bottom of things and see what's so 'wrong' with this game...
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    Indie Horror - Dead Darkness Welcome to Dead Darkness, a puzzle horror game that literally builds the suspense until it can't any longer. Although it took me a long time to get to the end, it does a terrific job of setting the mood and developing a creepy atmosphere. Definitely something that...
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    4 subs away from 40 !

    Hey guys, Quickly closing in on the 40 subscriber mark, can't believe i'm nearly there after only a month and a bit on youtube :) I made a post similar to this when i was close to 20 subs and you guys were so helpful and i was able to reach my goal. I'll leave my most recent video here, if the...
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    Trial's Fusion !

    Trial's Fusion is a go. What a game, it's seriously 90% facial expressions, 10% skill. I had a blast playing it, hope you can spare a sec to watch the video, I'm so happy with how it came out. Video:
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    Orange Roulette

    Welcome to Orange Roulette, a flash game that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Through rigorous and intense games of Russian Roulette, you work towards earning the freedom that every orange should experience. Such a fun game, don't take it too seriously, they're just oranges...
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    Hey friends, found an indie game called Integuments Shadow of Shrek.... Yes, i said Shrek. This game was absolutely horrifying, but oh so fun and it scared the crap out of me. Check it out, you won't regret it :) Video:
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    Let's Mosh, awesome indie game :)

    Are you ready to mosh, because I am. Welcome to Hit Others, an indie game where you find you can release your true inner punk. Jam with the band on stage, mosh out with your fellow misunderstood colleagues or slap some records on the turntables and play a tune or two for your pals. I definitely...
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    Slendy Tubbies Welcome to my playthrough of Slendy Tubbies, a survival horror game where your goal is to collect all the custard tarts before the killer teletubbie hunts you down. Will i do it ? you'll just have to wait and see.