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    Daily Upload Thread for Sunday, April 25th 2021

    Who remembers Megaman Battle Network!?
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    Daily Upload Thread for Wednesday, March 31st 2021

    Here's an alpha demo showcase of 30XX! Game is mad fun!
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    Daily Upload Thread for Tuesday, September 29th 2020

    Need a second opinion on getting Mario 3D Allstars? I gotchu fam.
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    Sonic Retrospective in progress~

    Hello everyone. Right now I'm in the middle of doing a full on Sonic Retrospective throughout his days on the Genesis, and I've made it to the halfway point in the series. As we currently speak, I've got the main trilogy along with CD down packed, and Sonic 3D Blast is on the way. I wish to...
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    New here~

    Cool beans~ Once I familiarize myself with the page, I'll drop the videos themselves when their cooked.
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    New here~

    Thanks! The library is VERY short right now, but I'll be pumping more of those as the days come. They will be focused on JRPGs, underrated titles that no one's heard of and so on.
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    New here~

    Sup, everyone! Name's 2Elusive. Been on the platform for a while and I'm always down to meet new people as well as make content that many can enjoy. I'm mainly a review channel for games, and I want to build up my library enough to one day become as big as the larger names out there. Along with...