Tungulus || Demonic House || Indie Horror Game (Short Game)

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Aug 2, 2017 at 7:17 PM
Posted by AMX Gaming
Tungulus: The protagonist helps a friend buy a new house, and he decides to arrange a party in honor of housewarming. But there is a problem - a friend for the night before the start needs to leave urgently, and he asks the main character to come to his house, namely to go down to the basement and check the supplies prepared for the party and wait for the friend's arrival. But the main character does not even know what evil is waiting for him inside ...

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To be fair this is not the most awesome indie horror game out there, what got me was the trailer for this game, it looked so cool but not as amazing as the trailer was this Tungulus Indie Horror game, still it was interesting and sadly a short game, shorter than i thought it was gonna be.

Thank You for watching this Tungulus Gameplay, Have A Very Nice Day
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