Outlast Walkthrough #3 | BASEMENTS! FUN!

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Apr 23, 2015 at 9:15 AM
Posted by MiliMate
Outlast Walkthrough #3 | Give it a rating and a comment!
The third part of my Outlast Walkthrough series, where we have to go down one level lower, which is always cringing in horror games. In search of our light, and the generators to make that light, we have to make our way through small hallways and even smaller lockers. Stay with us on our journey towards discovering the secret of this horrifying asylum in Outlast Walkthrough #3.
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There is nothing more fun than knowing you have to get down to the basement to find a way, which you'll know won't be easy, to get the lights of this maniac-infested asylum. Seeing we have no choice, we continue our journey through the asylum by continuing where we left off last episode; on the way down to the basement. The way down to even more horror.
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