Let's Play Legend of Legaia Part 1: Rim Elm

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Jul 3, 2015 at 7:44 AM
Posted by RaGE BoX
Hey guys RaGe BoX here back with my second classic PS1 Let's Play! Legend of Legaia is an epic tale of struggle and adventure. The world is engulfed in a vile mist that turned the benevolent Seru, who once helped the human race, into mindless beasts.

Can we rid the world of the mist and save the human race from total destruction? In this episode we meet our main character Vahn and find that life in his small, protected village isn't always easy. Enjoy!

Opening Song: http://bit.ly/1coft0u

eltinchox channel: http://bit.ly/NsRNCQ

Legaia Fan site: http://www.legendoflegaia.net/

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