Battlefield Hardline Walkthrough & Review | Prologue and Episode 1 (Veteran Difficulty)

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Apr 26, 2015 at 11:13 AM
Posted by MiliMate
Battlefield Hardline Walkthrough of the Prologue and Episode 1 on Veteran Difficulty | Give it a rating and a comment!

The first in a brand new series, mixing a playthrough with a review. First up in the series will be a complete walkthrough of the Single Player mode for Battlefield Hardline, played on Veteran Difficulty. Follow me in my adventures in what supposed to be one of the most intense campaigns available now for Xbox One.
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This video features the prologue and episode 1 of Battlefield Hardline's Single Player, called Episodes. In this video, we are being introduced to the game's main protagonist, Nicholas, and we are updated on the latest of a local drugs gang that is controlling the streets. Nicholas soon discovers that there is something more going on. Episode 1 ends on a big bang, and puts my brain into overdrive - what happened, and what will happen next?

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