YouTube Networks = Just a copyright shield or more?

Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization & Copyright' started by CoffeeCupGamer, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. CoffeeCupGamer

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    For the longest time I have looked at some of the top YouTubers with gaming channels and said "I want to do that for a living one day." But I was confused when I received a copyright strike for showing copy written gameplay content on my channel and being a vanilla YouTube Partner.

    Since then, I have learned that you should never, ever, EVER be a vanilla YouTube Partner if you do gaming, because you will immediately will be screwed over.

    What I still need to learn is what YouTube networks, such as DamnLag are, and what they can potentially do for you, and more importantly, what this one does for you. Are they just copyright shields? If they do more, what do they do?
  2. Dottorrent

    Dottorrent Member

    Some are pretty much copyright shields. But some networks offer a lot. I'm with freedom! and they offer music by CellDweller, Epidemic Sound, exclusive sponsorships from companies like G fuel and Gamdias.

    Ideally, you should do your research on what network you wanna partner with.
  3. GameOverViper

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    It varies on the network. Over the past few years, YouTube has opened up many of the partner exclusive tools to all channels and made networks pretty pointless.
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  4. Armaedus

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    Well said Phantom! The thing about the "free music" is it is provided as a benefit of being partnered with that particular network. Once you are no longer partnered you no longer receive that benefit and any video you made using it puts your channel at risk.
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  5. Ryatta

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    I just use my partnership as an extra copyright shield. I'd rather not use anything that came free with it in case I leave.. which I probably will at some point. I try and use them as little as possible but for what I give up money wise in the partnership its helpful to have an extra something fighting for me when I need it given the amount of strikes I instantly get from some companies for reviews

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