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Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization & Copyright' started by Beautiful Butterfly Gamer, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Beautiful Butterfly Gamer

    Beautiful Butterfly Gamer Active Member

    Okay, so I thought when you posted something to youtube, you had to actually "post it" and try to monetize it for it to get a claim on you. I guess that is not the case. Right now, I just posted a video with music I knew I can't post publicly , but it was a personal video I was never planning on posting, just a video of my son dancing that I wanted to upload so I wouldn't lose it, but apparently they know right away just what the song is and asked me to remove the song being played. Well why should I remove it if I'm NEVER publicly posting the video? I can see if I posted it for the public, but it's set to private. I'm not trying to make money off it at all, just wanted to keep it some where to never lose it.
    This is my rant cause I don't think that is very fair at all. :/
  2. DJStitch

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    Every privacy setting on video sharing is still shared one way or another.
    A private video can only be seen by you and the users you select.
    Making a video unlisted means that anyone who has the link to the video can view and post comments to it.
    So its still can essentially be "shared/posted"

    Look at it how they look at the "naughty people" of youtube. Using a "youtueb video/music downloader" and only a link or select people who you would share the content with to download, who would never report the content being copyright (which is essentially the issue) because they are using it to get it that way, which is why they scan everything on processing or as soon as resources allow.

    I know its a pain in the A** but maybe a better solution would be online/vault storage?
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  3. Beautiful Butterfly Gamer

    Beautiful Butterfly Gamer Active Member


    I wish the solution would be that youtube creates a paid version (cause I would pay) to be able to upload everything and anything and have no worries. :)
    I did look into google drive. I guess I will just upload to them from now on.
  4. Sarcosana Gaming

    Sarcosana Gaming Member

    I would indeed just upload to a cloud service instead of a public platform like YouTube.
  5. Graphic-J

    Graphic-J New Member

    Can songs that were composed in the 1800's be copyright claimed? it seems like it was on my recent vid.

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