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    Me again.

    I'm part of one pretty cool site for gamers, it's more like facebook/twitter for gamers. Gaming Tribe/GTribe, pretty cool site for gamers. :D So I thought in last few days about some experiment. I'm looking for YouTube alternatives with partnership programs. I have one pretty cool idea which I wanna to test. Inspiration was Pewd's video about Patreon. :D And Patreon had crazy numbers after that video. XD And some kids were like: "Pewd's should come and record exclusevly for Dailymotion/vidme." So I thought about little experiment. YT/Face/Twitter vs Dailymotion/GTribe. :D Just to see if talent is what it matters. I do have links from other social media sites, and I know DailyMotion has partnership program, I think it has, I'm not sure for Vimeo. The idea is: most of my games can be passed in multiple ways, even in the beguinning U have like 3 choices ... and idea is to record 1 way for YouTube, and second way for DailyMotion.. to see some things.

    Anyway; help about alternative youtube sites are aprecciated. :)


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