Why do you Partner with YouTube Networks?

Discussion in 'YouTube Partners & Networks' started by GameOverViper, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. GameOverViper

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    I'm curious to hear why everyone breaks down and decides to partner with a YouTube Network. What do they promise you and your channel? Do they provide you an agenda on how they plan to help your channel grow? Do they offer extra's like access to music libraries and tools that other networks don't provide?

    What is so special about the YouTube Network that you can't get without the network?
  2. YoutakuGaming

    YoutakuGaming Member

    I think the hype is the giant communities within these networks. Not just that but the free music library's and the offer of no copyright bots is a huge burden off peoples shoulders.

    Me personally though...I don't really get it either. I haven't joined any network cause I dont get the real purpose.

    I'd like to hear what other people have to say as well
  3. TheRDHkid

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    They dont actually do anything for anyone but they promise to help make your channel bigger and thier are ones that give you more of your money compared to ones who take more. They're pointless and just take your money no matter what anyone says and no matter what the network says. Unless your a big youtuber with over 1 million subs
  4. Luftangreifer

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    I have to disagree. While some Networks do treat channels as their money growing plants, others offer something actually beneficial.

    For me, I originally joined channel network to protect my self from Content-ID stuff. I was starting to get flagged by "supposivly" content owners with weird company names, and joining TGN/Curse helped resolve this issue.

    You are right about Networks not giving any promotional support to smaller channels. They simply cant give thousands of small sized channels with 50 subs an equal chance of exposure. But you do get some extra goodies like free music, tutorials and find similar scaled channels to collaborate with. I'm personally sick of hearing same old music being used in every video by every one, so having a good source of free music was a big plus.
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