Why do you do YouTube?


I love to tell a story. I started my channel to try and make money but as I've gone along I've realised that it's the stories that I can tell through my videos that i enjoy. That feeling when you publish a video that you spent 5hrs editing and are proud of because you know that you couldn't have done anything more and you know others will enjoy it as much as you enjoyed creating it. That's why I do YouTube now and I love every second of it.


I like informing people about the gaming industry, but at the same time chatting with people during live streams and having a good time.


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I mainly do it for fun. I mean, my content isn't really for everybody, and I'm too small a channel to be making any money, so I'm content with just having fun with it.
I enjoy gaming and watching other youtubers play too. I also got into video editing when i had a phase of enjoying making 3D models and animations so brought those 2 together and made the channel :)


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I really like watching Let's Plays. I am subbed to tons of Let's Players. I also love to play games. My friends and family have always asked me why I dont try Youtube. I always just shrugged it off. Recently I wanted to pick up a new hobby. I said why not Youtube. Have been uploading for a little less than a month and I am loving it.

It was a very fun hobby. I just want to get my content out to anyone who has the same interests as me.


I have always loved watching Let's Plays, probably since around 2007 or 2008. My favorite YouTubers at the time were Katrinonus and Helloween4545. I would watch their videos pretty much everyday, and I found myself wanting to make videos like them. I didn't actually get around to attempting my own Let's Plays until 2015... so it was a later start than I wanted, but better late than never, I guess! I just love video games, especially horror, so I thought it would be fun to record myself playing them and provide some sort of entertainment to someone. I also feel like it has helped me break out of my shell a bit, although I am still pretty shy.


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