Why do you do YouTube?


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Seems a simple question, and for some it, if not most, probably is.

For me, originally, I had this delusion that I'd be able to rise quickly through YT because I was a little young (Ok, I was about 16-17 but still). Was mostly interested in it for the money.

Now, I do it simply because I love it. I could give a f**k about money. But it's not just the gaming aspect of YT, no. I game every day, it's nothing new. It's the editing aspect of it all that always has been the most fun.

I like to find new and better ways to edit my videos and audio, and the general challenge that comes with trying to make a video entertaining.

To me, it seems like my greatest skill with editing is to chop a 1-2 hour long video down to a mere 10-20 minutes. Leaving in most of the action, while disregarding all the traveling and relaxed bits. It's also what I prefer to watch that others make. (Thanks ADHD)

But enough about me, how about you? Why do you do it? What do you like most about it? What do you feel you do well?

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The whole reason I started on YouTube was because at the time (and this remains true today) really enjoying watching a lot of YouTube videos of people playing games, hearing their banter and opinions, etc - that lead me to wanting to be able to do the same: entertain. I never had the thought about starting with the aim to get massive or anything, just that I wanted to make someone laugh and enjoy what I put out. And that was pretty much my only thought with the idea of if I did get big, it would mean I'm entertaining more people.

What I like most are the interactions I get some times; talking to people who have enjoyed one (or more) of my videos. Aside from that, just the whole process of creating videos in general; from playing games to editing to making thumbnails.

What do I feel I do well? Honestly? Not a lot. It sounds depressive or self-loathing or whatever, but I've been on YouTube for almost 4 and a half years now, uploaded over 850 videos, and currently have just over 350 subscribers. Current predictions (via Social Blade) show that I won't hit 500 subscribers until beyond the 2020. So sadly this does kinda get to me. I will admit it sometimes makes me wonder whether I should just stop, but I know I would be all the more saddened to not be creating content.


This is a good question, I like to think it's because gaming is a big part of my life, it always has been, and that I would like to share my experiences with people. Another part is because I was inspired by a group called The Yogscast, whom I've been following for almost 5 years. I thought to myself, if they can do it, so can I.

What I enjoy about doing this is interacting on forums such as Damnlag, it's great to see other people helping each other out and giving great advice to the new guys like myself. Of course, I really enjoy creating content for the channel, but it's the interaction with others that makes it so worthwhile.

I can't really say what I do well due to just starting my channel. My aim is to try and make people smile and laugh when times are tough. If I can achieve this, it would make me the happiest guy in the world.


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I started Youtube 4 months ago because I recently discovered (too late) that editing was my passion. I screwed 3 years at college because I find nothing interesting till now I found out editing was the real deal.

I watched some editors in the past and I was like "I want to do THIS kind of edit one day" but the equipment was expensive. So I started to make music and I forgot about all the editing stuff.

In 2016, I got a new laptop so I could buy a good editing software (Adobe After Effects) and from then it went so great. I got the hang of it in like 2 months. I am happy to do something I really like. That's why I started Youtube to show people my edits.

I didn't really care about the subscribers count because I knew it was going to be hard but I'm confident it will rise! I want entertain people and make sure they like it. That's my main goal. If that works out then I'm sure I'm getting a lot of subs and views.


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I love the idea of people taking time out of their day to watch my video's and give it great feedback, I don't know why, I just love the motivation and great feels you get from that. It's awesome.


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I do it because i enjoy creating memories and i love to look back as i get older at all my gaming moments and achievements that i actually worked hard to get/do

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CHEESY ANSWER ALERT!!! I do it to make people smile, I have came from a dark place in my life and if i can help people to not experience what I have, then this Youtube channel was worth it. Love the question by the way.


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I've been thinking about starting my own Youtube channel for months and I just wanted to do it for fun. I'm pretty much doing this in my spare time as a hobby, but I am hoping to get my channel noticed and within time devote more of my time to Youtube.


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