Who would recommend the Blue Snowball Mic???

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic' started by Martin H, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Martin H

    Martin H New Member

    I've started making lets plays, at the moment I'm using Corsair Vengeance 1300 headset to record my voice. the quality isn't great and I'm looking to pick up something better.

    I've been looking at the blue snowball Mic.

    I don't really have the money for the Yeti which a lot of people recommend on YouTube and also Ive just started out so I don't want to spend to much just in case I stop making videos.

    so should I get it or wait a little longer?
  2. Phantoler

    Phantoler Active Member

    It's good, it really is. A lot of my friends started out with it and honestly with the right setting you can barely tell the difference. But for the love of god be sure to get the Snowball not the Snowball ICE -> that thing SUCKS SO BAD lol
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  3. Martin H

    Martin H New Member

    Luckily I bought the actual Blue snowball
    I checked the Blue website and noticed that the Ice version was slightly different to the original which explains why its cheaper. And I'm glad too the snowball is a big improvement to my headset.
  4. GameOverViper

    GameOverViper Administrator Staff Member Damn Admin

    I have a blue snowball, the chrome one ;)

    I could use a pop filter with mine to make it even better however.
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  5. Martin H

    Martin H New Member


    I did a test with OBS and tried using P words but I didn't really get any pop noises unless I'm right on top of the Mic. I still need to fiddle around with the settings but What I've managed to do so far is huge difference in Mic quality to my headset. Ill probably get a pop filter later.
  6. GamesBrained

    GamesBrained New Member

    I have the Blue Snowball and it is great for voice over, but it is susceptible to P Pops and really needs a pop filter. I custom built my filter because I live in a part of the world that is hard to get decent sound equipment in without overseas ordering, but for anyone stateside or not in the middle of no where, it shouldn't be too hard to obtain one for $20 or so. HOWEVER, the Snowball sucks, sucks, sucks, at any kind of distance. As soon as I get 6 inches away or more, the quality degrades quickly and you get the 'fishbowl' effect that just sounds like you're using a laptop mic. In other words, use this thing for voice over, but if you want to use it for on-camera recording where you're right up against it, nooooo way. I am now going to get an additional directional mic that can handle the job that the Snowball just can't.
  7. BadOmen

    BadOmen Member

    I love my Snowball (Wicked Purple, whoohoo!) It's definitely a huge upgrade from the headset I was using.
  8. Eversor

    Eversor Active Member

    I use it for my channel as well. Id recommend it for sure. Its got great quality and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the high end desktop mics

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