Where are you from?

I am 25 and my channel partner is 21 and we both live in Belgium! I work at IMEC while she is studying communication sciences :) We started this YouTube channel because this is something we dreamed off for years and decided to give it a try! The road is long but one I day we will get people to subscribe to see the content we work so hard on!


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Hey, names ben!

Im 21 and i am from the UK live on the south coast (doesn't make the weather any nicer) and have 9-5 day job in a packaging firm! i love to collect Pop vinyls and meet new people :D making videos i so much fun i started a channel with my friends, more as a memory bank but also to entertain others!


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Hello guys my name is Duong , i'm from VietNam and I'm happy to join this community! I'm 28 years old , my channel is about gamming :p


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I am 19 and was born in Portugal, although currently living in London, United Kingdom.
I am a student nurse and also work as a part time health care assistant.
But what I really love is gaming of course :D . With a gaming channel, it's easier to share my passion with the rest of the world!


I'm currently in New Mexico, I'm is the USAF so I move around alot, I got in to making videos as away to share my passion for video games, the art the story and emotion that games give us is something that has always moved me and I just want to share that with people


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Hi, I'm currently living in one of the southern states in the U.S. (don't feel comfortable giving out exact state). I'm a student full time, I do spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos haha. Other than that I'm working on my own channel, I was inspired to do YouTube (again) after being bored all the time and having nothing to work on.
I'm pretty passionate towards this, I've currently put a lot of work I think into my only 2 videos.


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I am a 30 year old fart... i like long walks at the beach and subway sandwiches.... i like girls with big butts and i cannot lie... i am a pro video gamer,artist, gfx designer, and a mediocre lover.... i love funny stuff cause it makes my lips laugh.... i am a new youtuber and hopefully in 2-3 years im a famous one.... and when i am... i will come back to this post and say... i told u so... will ferrell is my favorite actor cause hes funny and his hair is just stupid... thank you for your time and come check out my channel at igotdatgame it would be much appreciated... oo yea and im from LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana but raised in Houston of the Texas... go texans


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