Where are you from?


I am 17 from Hawaii. And i just always loved playing video games and figured why not share my best moments and experience with others. Possibly entertaining them or providing help to those who would like it.

What island are you from dude?
I'm from Malaysia, currently 19 years old. I started making Warcraft 3 gameplays when I was 17 because I thought it might be cool and that time there was not commentary. I got like 2K views within a week and I am very happy about my effort thus bringing passion to making gameplays come forth. As much as I like making gameplays, I can't get anyone to collaborate with me. I don't have friends that can talk to me in English (pure proper English) or even give a damn about making videos in Youtube. By the way, I'm a Chinese so I should have expect most of my friends can't speak English. (no racism please :p).
Damn so many people to check out, well guys your life story can only grow from here on out. Hope to see you guys a year from now.
Hey guys :)
I'm George, 18, from the United Kingdom living in a small county called Cheshire.
I've always loved YouTube since probably around 5/6 years ago, originally watching Nigahiga, and Fronk n Dego before watching the Yogscast ever since there first ever minecraft video.
I wanted to start a YouTube channel a few years back but being just 15 I didn't really have any experience with video editing or anything.
I hope to meet a load of people on here because everyone seems awesome and really friendly :)
This was an amazing idea
so seeing as i didn't do a proper intro my name is Craig and i'm a 16 year Irish lad that wants to entertain people
The reason i got into doing Youtube was because so many of the gamers on Youtube helped me when i felt down and that's what i wanted to do for people in return
Hello! I am from central Iowa and I am currently a cashier at a gas station. I'm a student art ITT tech in Clive, ia. What got me to get a gaming channel going is because I love video games and seeing vids from MinnesotaBurns and GotDrums and of course KyrSp33dy. Also my friends and I on Xbox have great times and would love to share that with people.
Hello everyone! I am from New york, long island! I work at a walgreens and have not started school yet, I am 23 years old and why I started my channel is a very long story, but to make it short, I want to become closer to my viewers, to be different then most gaming channels and to leave a big impact if I can, as long as I know I put smiles on peoples faces, what more could I ask? YouTube is meant to have fun and to go with the flow, learn from your mistakes and understand how to improve on stuff and to really try your best. That's what I think it is anyway :) nice to meet you all!


Eheh... I'm from Belgium.
Don't know what Belgium is? I'll clear up your minds.
Still don't know it?
What about now?
Now if you don't know the Belgian beer, then you haven't tasted one yet.
We basicly have everything you want here, except for unlimited damn up- and download- speed.
I'll give an example, like, we got this small statue in Brussels of a 5 year old boy urinating on the ground.
Fascinating, isn't it? Not to forget, there's a story behind.
The story louds like, there was a civil war and the boy's home was about to get destroyed cause of a bomb, which he peed out.
I know what you are thinking now,.. "Stupid Belgians"
Nah, not really, we also have a huge statue of 100 meters (+/- 328 feet) high, with 9 huge steel balls next to eachother.
Belgium, oh Belgium.


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