Where are you from?

Yo, I'm 15 and I'm from the United States! When summer comes around I'm getting a job so I can finally buy my own stuff :D Watching my favorite YouTubers and the fact that I've basically been a gamer from birth both combined to make me take this journey of stuffness.
When i have time I will check all of your youtube channels, i haven't got around to it since i have worked 60 hours this week, (happy holidays for me huh, yay...sigh lol). You all seem to be fine human beings. It's good to know you all. Also a thing about me is because of my work i have a sailors mouth lol, but don't fret i'm not filthy all the time hahaha.

Happy holidays everybody.


I'm 19 and from Dublin, Ireland. I'm a college student studying Nanoscience and the Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials. I like making videos because it allows me to express myself anyway I want. I really love talking absolute nonsense for extended periods of time, and it is even more enjoyable when there are other people to listen to you!



I'm 17, was born in Germany but then my family moved to New Zealand when I was about 8 or 9 (don't quite remember XD). I'm currently on summer holiday from what I think you would call highschool in the US and will start going to University in February 2014, doing a bachelor of Medicine and Surgery for six years (such a long time o.O). I didn't actually intend to make a youtube channel but I posted two videos of my friends and I screwing around in League of Legends and those videos got 150+ views over a few weeks (NO idea how, I guess a friend sent it to one friend and then that friend to another etc. ) so I decided to actually make a channel which is turning out pretty good and its super fun.


I'm from the UK, I'm 19 and I completed college about 2 years ago, and right now I'm in full time work, but I want to put alot more time into my YouTube videos, so hopefully if things go to plan, I can do so!:D


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This truly is a community of YouTubers from all over the world. :)

I'm from Illinois, United States. I'm 23 years old.
I am 17 from Hawaii. And i just always loved playing video games and figured why not share my best moments and experience with others. Possibly entertaining them or providing help to those who would like it.


I'm 22 years old, from Florida, USA. And by night I bag groceries ._.

I started LPs because I wanted to for the longest time. After making Youtube poops and watching other LPers do their thing, I finally made the push. Aaaaaand I'm not gonna lie, the thought of getting a partnership is also a factor >.> Who wouldn't want to get paid doing what they love?


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