Whats the first Setting you change when you start a new game?


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We all buy new games every now and then. They come with default settings and unless I'm just weird as hell, we all change some sort of settings. Whether its graphics, controls or audio. What is your go to setting that you change first?

Jack Muskrat

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Depends on the game, but the first thing I tend to change is the audio levels. These days I pretty much only play games with friends while we're in a Discord call, and the in-game audio is always too loud to be able to hear people in the call so...


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I guess mostly I would change video settings to higher than the default because lots of games default to very low instead of auto-detecting.

I realised when you asked this that the first setting I changed in DOOM Eternal was to swap around the grenade button and the weapon mod button, since I never change weapon mod but sometimes change grenades.

Besides that I don't think I changed a single setting, although I did play with the colour blind settings a bit.

Oh and I changed my DOOM Slayer skin to the DOOMicorn one, does that count? :D

I also haven't changed a single setting in Griftlands.

Stardew Valley, though, I turned off the title screen music and turned down the in-game music and fixed the HUD to the screen and changed the zoom level and turned on the target tile indicator... I'm pretty glad settings exist at all, frankly.


If I'm playing on PC then I head straight to the video settings and adjust to suit my machine (mostly low graphics these days) but other than that I either turn on subtitles and adjust the audio levels or find motion blur and turn it off.