What should I do if my video are being stolen?


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I made a video one week ago and this dude re-uploaded my video yesterday. He just replaced the song, substitles in "his" video. I'm really frustating right now. The video that was stolen took me 10 hours to make. His video even has more views than mine!
Link to my video: Link to his video:


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I would start by not drawing more attention to his video. Report the video on YouTube and let them deal with him, but for now try and get people to watch yours over theirs. Add a pinned comment on top saying something along the lines of "There is another channel called *enter channel name here* and they have stolen my content. Please support me by only watching my video and not theirs. Do not comment, do not dislike, do not like as this will bring him more promotion and views. As the original creator I feel robbed." If you send more people to his video he is only going to get more engagement which will get them more views. Instead just name the channel and let people decided if they wish to search for it or not. That way they know who it is, but you aren't providing a link so they might not want to go to the effort of finding out.


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If you need to report a legal issue on behalf of yourself or your client, you can contact YouTube via their Legal Webforms. To expedite their ability to investigate your claim, they encourage you to submit your claim using the webform, rather than by fax or post.

Keep in mind that abuse of the legal forms may result in the termination of your YouTube account.
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