What is your opinion of the 2018 YouTube Rewind Video?


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So its very clear that nobody liked, or at least 11 million people, the YouTube 2018 Rewind video. Its now over 11 million dislikes on the video, making it the most disliked video in YouTube history.

So what was the deal with it? Was it that they titled it "Everyone controls Rewind?" When in reality its YouTube promoting movie actors and late night show hosts because they joined the platform this year? Where's the actual YouTubers and the highlights from the year that makes YouTube Rewind what it was designed to be? Fortnite... its a big game on the platform this past year, we get it. But there's many events and viral stuff that didn't make the video and for that I think is majority of the reason people disliked the video. Of course fans of channels who didn't get a cameo role in the video are going to dislike it for that as well.

I'm curious to see what other reasons people have disliked it, so tell us. What was it about the rewind video that you didn't like that made you decide to dislike it?

You can watch the 2018 YouTube Rewind video below if you haven't already seen it.



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I think you pretty much summed up why many disliked YTRW2018. They have gotten so caught up in pandering to the advertisers that they're actively ignoring the creators. This has been a reoccurring and growing theme for a few years now.

But let's not forget the internet's secret weapon...

Pewdiepie! I sincerely think that he had a large role or at least significant influence on everyone disliking the rewind. YouTube has been coming for him for years now, and he has been very vocal about his part in it all. Most people, 76 million, to be specific recognize while he's made some pretty dumb moves, that at the end of the day they were in the spirit of jokes and entertainment. YouTube however, has doubled down on their targeting of him, but he's got 76 million people who support him. He's virtually untouchable. To have purposely not have included the biggest creator on your platform says a lot about a company's views.

Also, subscribe to pewdiepie.


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I personally think Youtube Rewind needs a more focused, less sporadic presentation even if that (unfortunately) means fewer Youtubers. Show the actual highlights of the year too instead of a weird interpretation on it that involves TV show hosts who don't well-represent Youtube as a whole.


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