What is your #1 problem running a YouTube channel?


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We all face problems running our YouTube channels and maintaining them.

Getting active viewers or people to support your channel. This is probably the number 1 problem many face running a YouTube channel.

What is your #1 problem running a YouTube channel that you wish never existed?
Getting an active viewership is definitely the primary issue. Between the general apathy you're faced with, you've also got an almost spiteful, anti-self promotion mindset across the internet, Finding people that mesh well with my style for collaboration is another struggle.

Then there's the lack of time. When I'm not at work, I'm editing or sleeping which leaves little room for networking. If I network, I miss out on valuable editing time. Everything's at the cost of something else. I wish I had more time to dedicate to everything.


I would say it would be my lack of consistency. I feel that since I have not been able to have a particular upload schedule, it has made it difficult to get views. I'm trying to keep up with recording when I have free time, and I think slowly, I am getting a little better.


So far getting views and subs but I realize it does come in time. It is just annoying since it is like what is the point but I am hoping after I pump out a few videos it gets better. I mean I am enjoying it so far so that is good even if nobody is watching. :)
Don't worry, I still from time to time think "what's the point," but then I remember that even if things stay the same I'm still enjoying making videos! I'd be happy to stop by your channel and check out your videos :)


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