What editing software do you use?

Cevz Vee

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Filmora, microsoft paint and unregistered bandicam


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I use Lightworks, it's a free editing software but extremely good for youtubers that are starting out and even movie editors use it so I would recommend it!


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Like a lot of other content creators, Sony Vegas Pro was my weapon of choice. Prior to that I was using Windows Movie Maker, which was a tortuous plight that I would never want to re-live.


I use
Filmora for my video editing. [Paid program]
Audacity for basic audio editing. [Free]
Inkscape for thumbnail creating. Similar to Illustrator [Free]


I use Adobe premiere for my video editing, photoshop for my thumbnails, OBS to record my cam, Audacity to record my microphone, Elgato Screen capture to record one of my console and ShadowPlay to record my PC.

Kenn CS

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Hey guys! So what video editing software do you use?

I know many will be with either Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, because they are top quality, but I am still curious! :D

I myself used Camtasia Studio, but now I use Filmora/Wondershare Video Editor (it's the same thing)! It looks way too simple and you wouldn't think you can get good videos, but you can! I get amazing quality and great editing thanks to this software!

Anyway, what do you use?

I use Sony Vegas for basic editing and velocity (cuz its easier there) and Adobe After Effects CC 2015 for advanced effects or 3D effects. I only use these for CS:GO videos though. :/


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