What editing software do you use?


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I use a combination of OBS, audacity, movie studio 13 and Gimp for my videos. I used windows movie maker for my first like 3 years lol


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Gameplay Recording - Shadowplay
Video Editing - Sony Vegas Pro 13
Thumbnails - Adobe Photoshop CS6
Video Compressing - Handbrake
Audio Recording - Audacity


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Im using premier pro to edit my videos, simple to use :) also use hand break to compress the videos


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I use Audacity to record and edit my commentary footage, very easy learning curve and easy to use, plus it's free!

As for video editing, I use Arcsoft Showbiz mainly to record and edit any footage I capture from PS1/PS2/Original Xbox games. Not the best of editing software, but it gets the job done and I'm quite familiar with it. I use Roxio Editing software for any 360/PS3 footage, even though I rarely record last gen material.

I also use XMedia Recode (thanks to VisciousPrism for finding that for me!) to compress and stretch out my videos to fill the full 16:9, especially handy with PS2/Original Xbox footage!

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Powerdirector 14. I really like it!


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