What editing software do you use?


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In terms of editing, I use a trio of software. For the commentary, I record using Audacity because the editing options once I've finished recording allow me to perfect the quality. Removing unwanted noises is the main priority for me which audacity allows. In terms of video editing, I've used Vegas Pro for a few years due to the fact that once you've got the basics locked down, it's easy to move around and create content I'm really proud of. For the graphic side of things like overlays, outros and thumbnails, I've used Photoshop for a few years also for graphic design work so using it to create thumbnails was the best choice for myself!


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Premiere pro it is my favorite but hard to get the hang of it in the beginning but I like and i use audacity for my Audio and photoshop for thumbnails :)

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So in total I use 3 different programs.

1. Elgato software: just for quick cutting when recording console stuff

2. Audacity: I run this all the time when recording (even if also using the Elgato live commentary feature - as a backup in case the Elgato fks up my audio - and it does occasionally) - also used for any post-com needs.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: All "serious" editing is done here. I used Sony Vegas back in college - but swapped to Premiere when I could. Excellent program.


Sony Vegas Pro is a great editing program which I have been using for years now. It's easy to handle and you can make your edits as detailed as you want. Besides it is usable as well for creating any thumbnails :D


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