What editing software do you use?


with what i do for youtube lightworks free version with windows movie maker covers most bases, i have wanted to get into more serious programs but that wont be for a while, i usually dont have much time to edit videos


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Adobe Premiere!

I've tried, but I just can't use anything else and feel okay with it.

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Hey guys! So what video editing software do you use?

I know many will be with either Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, because they are top quality, but I am still curious! :D

I myself used Camtasia Studio, but now I use Filmora/Wondershare Video Editor (it's the same thing)! It looks way too simple and you wouldn't think you can get good videos, but you can! I get amazing quality and great editing thanks to this software!

Anyway, what do you use?

Sony Vegas, Audacity and Gimp to make the thumbnails XD
My channel is still rather small so I use anything free that i can get my hands on. LightWorks is a free one that works great. The only down side is you can only upload at 720p unless you pay for it.


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I use Adobe Premiere for editing, Photoshop for thumbnails, icons, etc, and After Effects for creating titles and any sort of animations I need to do


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