What editing software do you use?


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Just picked up Vegas Pro from Humble Bundle.
For thumbnails and stuff I use Canva. For other art I ask my wife since she is an artist,

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I currently use Cyberlink PowerDirector but looking at the replies here I may have to switch to Premier Pro. I already use Adobe Products because I use photoshop for my thumbnails


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I just started doing videos and I use shotcut. It's pretty good for "open source" but, definitely has it's flaws. Anyone suggest a better free / open source video editor?


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I dunno what to use at the moment i am just starting out you lot got any ideas what i could use with just starting out.


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Good question.I was thinking about buying a Video Editing software is it worth the money?
Depends on what you want to do. If it's just cutting, then no, you don't need to buy one. Free ones can easily handle that, and even add simple effects.
I have recently been using Filmora Pro to edit my last couple of videos which although is not great is a farcry better than the Open Shot software I started with. And for thumbnails I just use Paint 3D because I am broke af... But I think the thumbnails are okay all things considered.


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