What editing software do you use?


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I just record my vids on bandicam and then edit them on the youtube video editor. I make my thumbnails on a online program called scratch and then for the writing I use words word art.


Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 mainly, Adobe After Effects CS6 and Photoshop CC 2014 for linking between all three


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Hey guys! So what video editing software do you use?

I know many will be with either Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, because they are top quality, but I am still curious! :D

I myself used Camtasia Studio, but now I use Filmora/Wondershare Video Editor (it's the same thing)! It looks way too simple and you wouldn't think you can get good videos, but you can! I get amazing quality and great editing thanks to this software!

Anyway, what do you use?

Adobe Premiere CC 2015


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When I got my first capture card (I still use it) it came with an old version of Power Director, so I used that to edit for a while. Then I bought an Sony Vegas 12 I know it's an old version, but I like it.

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I use whatever is fit for purpose. I don't lock myself to one. I did just get a cheap upgrade to Vegas Pro 14 (thanks MAGIX!), but I also have Premiere Pro CC 2017 as part of my creative cloud subscription. Both are awesome. I find myself using Vegas Pro for anything that requires a post commentary, I find it just has a better system for that built in. Premiere's is a bit clunky but I do use premiere for live-commentated videos.


Audacity for audio. (when recording by myself)
For my editing Sony Vegas.
For my thumbnails and other artwork Photoshop.


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