What do you use to record gameplay?

I use the Elgato Capture Device. Its amazing. It records from 240p to 1080p. Although for the most part, I just record at 720p since most games are at that HD level. No point at doing 1080p since most games don't output it, plus it takes forever to upload on youtube.

Just like TheUndeadGamr, I fully recommend it!
Been a longtime FRAPS user, no other capture software comes close. Well except Playclaw mainly. Fraps is still the best, but Playclaw has been pretty active with development lately (Where as the FRAPS team has really slowed down on that front. For instance, Fraps still is not supported with Windows 8 Desktop or Windows 8 based applications, despite the fact its been about 8 months since that has released. They released one sole update since then, claiming it fixed that problem, but it doesnt) so it may be possible they'll one day surpass Fraps. They already have in a couple regards (OpenGL based games record a LOT better in Playclaw than Fraps, also Playclaw allows you overlays you can use for monitoring CPU/GPU temps and Teamspeak) but it still is a fair bit behind on DirectX type recording, which is important for the vast majority of games, and even if you have a monster PC you'll want all the frames you can get recorded for the best looking video, Fraps will do the trick. Only other thing Playclaw has an advantage over Fraps on is you can have more compressed videos that what Fraps allows, this can be handy if you wanna just do a straight record then upload to Youtube without passing it through a video editor first, since it wont give you HUGE file sizes. I've tried several others besides those 2, none come remotely close to either of them. Fraps is king now, but keep an eye for Playclaw, wont surprise me if they surpass Fraps in the next 1-2 years.

As far as consoles, I just got the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable. I enjoy it a lot so far. I got it for the PC free mode, that was pretty much a mandatory feature for me, and its the only device that offers this functionality with HD recording, so it was a no brainer for me. Thankfully this function works quite well even though its the only device that has that type of function, its clear Avermedia didnt just throw this feature in without making sure there was a good experience overall with it.

If anyone is wanting to get into console recordings, avoid the dazzle at all costs. These devices really have problems, the recording quality is poor, and the company that makes them (Pinnacle Sys) LITERALLY hasnt updated the devices in 4 years. For about 10-20$ more than the Dazzle, you can get the Roxio Game Capture, which only does 480p, but at least you wont get the interlacing crap you will with the Dazzle, which will still look WAY better than the Dazzle. The device is more reliable too. I am a former Dazzle user as well as the Pinnacle Video Transfer (Which was basically their answer to PC Free recording back in 2009) and they have just been terrible devices. I would have been fine with the poor quality if they didnt mess up a lot, dropping frames, having glitchy picture, stopping recording for seconds or even minutes, etc. etc.

And if your setup is limited like mine (PC is in one room, TV in the other. TV is about 130 pounds so that's not going anywhere. PC Monitor has no HDMI ports, just VGA and DVI. The PC is a desktop not a laptop, so I would have to move it into the living room every time I wanted to record, which is a major hassle. So basically I would have no choice but to get a 2nd PC monitor that does handle HDMI THEN buy a capture card), your best bet is the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable. Someone earlier mentioned the C281 which will work also, but the LGP is super portable, its about the same width and height as a smartphone, and just slightly thicker, and even has its own carrying case (making it an excellent on-the-go solution) and it has that Pc Free mode with an SD Card, very simple to use. However, if you do have the setup for it (or get it later) it also has all the bells and whistles you'll get from the HD PVR or Elgato, with 1080p recording, the PS3 HDMI passthrough, built in streaming features for Twitch, etc. etc. but those devices are useless without a PC, this isn't, and its about the same price.
I use FRAPS, it is known to be up there with the highest quality recorders, I don't mind about the file sizes, when I render them in Corel VideoStudio Pro X6, I turn the recordings into MPEG4 at the highest quality available (which it does retain) and I end up converting a 50GB file into a 4-7GB file.
With a 20mb/s upload to youtube, it doesn't take too long ;)


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