What do you use to record gameplay?


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So there's quite a bit of options out there that allow you to record your gameplay now. What do you use to record your gameplay?

I'm aware of Hauppauge HD PVR's, Elgato, Pinnacle Dazzles, and FRAPS. Not sure if dazzles are still used though.

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I first looked at the Hauppauge and the Dazzle and decided to go for the Dazzle purely for the cost but then after i started looking at all the other things needed like HDMI splitters i decided to do a bit more research, and thats how i came to own an Elgato, it took less than a minute to set up, if i want to watch netflix (Netflix won't open if you have any capture card connected) it takes seconds to remove

The setup
it is basically a hdmi coming out of the Xbox and going direct into the Elgato, thats all the inputs it needs, the outputs are 1 HDMI which goes to your TV and a USB which goes to your laptop, no power as the power comes from the USB (this does mean that you have to have your computer turned on and the software open to use the xbox but its easy to unplug the HDMI from the elgato and plug into your tv if you wanted)

plus you get to use the free elgato software which includes flashback recording, so you sit back and play then if something awesome happens the software has a memory of the last 2 hours(mine regularly has a flashback memory over 3 hours though) of gameplay that you can scroll back through and convert to video it also has a basic editor allowing you to trim and remove sections. plus it allows you to record game chat thanks to the live commentary feature.
I use Fraps to record gameplay. It severely lowers FPS but it is the only one that captures high quality gameplay and exports it in real time. I tried camtasia which was cool but I had to export it which took hours sometimes then edit and render it which again took hours.

I use debut capture for my webcam and audio. It is a bit laggy buy captures audio perfectly and I haven't found a better one yet
I use an Elgato Game Capture HD as it's the only Game Capture card that I know of that can be used on a Mac so that was a great! Plus it's so so simply to use. Uses 3 leads for the XBox, the TV and then the Mac. It also came with all the compatible leads for using the Capture Card with either an XBox or PS3, and with a bit of fiddling you can record Wii and PS2 footage.

The Elgato also has very simple and basic editing software and can record my commentary and you can upload straight to YouTube from it. And you can also Live Stream straight to Twitch from it!!

I love it! And would definitely recommend it as a probably the best Capture Card on the market.
I use the Avermedia Game Capture HD C281 to record my gameplay. Instead of recording the gameplay directly to my computer, the Avermedia device records and saves the gameplay on either an internal harddrive or a portable flash drive. The only downside to the Avermedia is I need to convert the files into the proper codec.
Fraps will record your audio too

Yes it does, but for example if you r on a call with a friend on skype while u r recording fraps while totally fuck the audio quality up
*just saying*

I use Fraps btw


I used to use a pinnacle Dazzle for my consoles, but never actually uploaded anything with it. Right now since I'm a PC recorder I use FRAPs. It's easily the best recording solution for PC, in my opinion. Some say it lowers framerate but I've honestly never had issues with that- although that could be because I'm running 16gb of RAM with an i7 and a seperate harddrive for recording. Honestly I think that if you record to a different disk than the game is playing on, it boosts your FPS. That's what I've found anyway.


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