We play a lot of Overwatch comp and usually hate our experience


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Hey everyone! On my channel, you will find the most juicy, succulent, exquisite, Overwatch competitive content out there.
We upload in chat reactions, funny moments, and games where we tear shi t up, We have a little squad of reoccuring characters that are all unique and funny in their own way.
I enjoy editing videos to spice them up. I cook up every video like a 5 course meal, chef doons cooks it up real nice.
if you want in on the laughs, my channel is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPeLlGYiRPKSUGJEZY51Dog
I usually peep channels, so feel free to leave a comment to lmk what you think on any video.
Anyways, thanks for reading, have a moist day