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the facebook groups seem to not help. everyone just posts their own stuff. i've tried reddit and alot of groups don't let you post links to self promote if anyone has a few that do that would help
Promoting your YouTube videos can really be tricky. Not everyone just clicks a video unless it really draws their attention.

A good way that I have noticed recently is to create a Facebook page, build that page up with your community. Get people to like it, etc. Instead of sharing an entire video on the page, take clips of your videos that you think people would react to best. Think of videos that attract your attention on Facebook maybe and replicate that with your own videos.

Point people to your YouTube videos for the full videos, etc. Create clips at the end of your Facebook videos telling people to support your YouTube page, drop a link to your YT.

This can also be challenging because growing a Facebook page from scratch can be a challenge too. However, Facebook has the built in tools for helping you grow your page and target specific audiences through advertising if you wish to spend some $ on growing your pages. You can advertise a post for as low as a $1 on Facebook.


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hey ive only been doing YouTube for 4 weeks and have recently created a Twitter account for my channel but how do you actually get people to see or come to your twitter, im asking because i have never used Twitter before this and i have no real idea how it works
You have to follow small YouTube communities and follow the people that are in them then most should follow you back and should start to see your posts


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