PC Wanna Collab On Some PC Games?

How Long have you been making YouTube videos for?

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Game: Any really: Minecraft, CSGO, Fortnite just ask xD
Platform: PC
Number of People: AS MANY AS POSS
Timezone: (UTC +1:00)
Age: 18
Mission: Grow subscribers!
Subscribers: 412
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWNR5euKoOMYkRyivdbol7Q

I only have a few requirements, you may call me picky but hey. I don't want to collab with people under 16 years old, 350+ subs.... No benefit to me. Also don't bother to apply if you arn't growing by at least 10 subs a month and 1k views a month. My reasoning for this is I only want to collab with people who are REALLY INTERESTED IN GROWING NOT ONE TIMERS. I have collabs in planning with big channels such as: Metricate Gaming, System Collapse, Chosen Architect e.c.t. I don't know If my expectations are unrealistic but to put it in perspective I am getting around 30-60 subs a month. And 4-8K views a month. With a semi viral video every week or so.


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