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Hello guys, I'm Jonathan the owner of Vivid Digital Network a new Network under Freedom! and We are looking for partners right now, if you are interested in joining please read the network information below. Thank you.

Who we are?

Vivid Digital is a Partnership Network under and Freedom!, We create this network not only to create a YouTube Partnership that make their partners grow but also to change the view of other video creators on a YouTube Partnership Network. We want you to see us as a friend, a colleague or even a family. We plan in building a good and responsible network with a very good community that helps each other grow.

In Vivid Digital your revenue share can increase faster, How?

You can grow your revenue share faster or earn additional money in vivid digital network by recruiting members or other video creators to join in our network. Not only that you can also gain an increase based on how long you will stay on our network.

How we help our partners?

We help our partners by sending them an in-depth analysis and review of their channel with our suggestions and recommendations via Skype or email. We help them to have find perfect video creator under our network. We will build a community where you can share your thoughts and suggestions.

  • Freedoms Benefits: As we are a network powered by Freedom and Connect, all our partners get all of Freedoms features as well as all the features we offer (Including our own sponsorship).
  • No Lock In: We do not lock you into a contract; just leave us a 30 day notice if you want to leave.
  • No Minimum Payout: We don’t have a payment threshold so you will not have to make a set amount to get paid. If you make $1 you will get paid that $1.
  • Revenue Visibility: You can see exactly how much you make through your YouTube analytics (NOTE: The money we paid to you will be based on your revenue share, Nothing is hidden).
  • Full Ownership: We do not take any control over your channel; it’s your channel and your content.
  • We are your Friend or a Colleague: We will treat you as our friend or colleague, you can talk to us any time on our emails regarding to your channel.
  • Support: We offer support through email, Skype, forums and more (24/7).
  • Forums: You can access on our own forums as well as Connect and Freedom! forums.
  • Revenue: 60% revenue share but can grow up to 95% revenue share based on your performance.
  • Recruiting Bonus: You can increase your revenue share or even gain extra money by recruiting other video creators to join in our network.
  • Loyalty Bonus: You can increase your revenue share based on how long you will stay in our network.
  • Free Channel Review: We will review your channel and send the results to you with our recommendations and suggestions via email or Skype(Just send us an email if you want us to do a review about your channel).
  • Collaboration Finder: We email each of our partners that want collaboration with other partners. (Just email us on if you want to receive this email)
  • Audio Library: We have thousands of creative commons and royalty free music for our partners to use and even sponsorship deals with AudioMicro, Epedemic Sound and more.
  • Free Website and Hosting: We offer free website and hosting to our partners who are qualified to get this feature. (NOTE: You are the one who's gonna pick the design).
  • Free Forums Hosting: We offer forums hosting to our partners who are qualified to get this feature.

  • 1000 views per month or 33 views a day.
  • Passionate in making YouTube videos.
  • Good Content
  • NO COPYRIGHT STRIKES AND CONTENT (NOTE: Even you don't meet all the requirements as long as you don't have a copyright strike and content in your channel the possibility of acceptance is very high.)

If you have any more questions or concerns, email us on OR

Thank you for reading this thread. It is very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jonathan (Owner of Vivid Digital)
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